Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Rockaliser 30: 30 Days Later

All month long at this blog, we have brought you the Rockaliser 30, a daily series devoted to classic albums that have been eclipsed, forgotten, misheard, or otherwise not given their propers. We began with Hawkwind and ended with Vanity 6, devoting space in between to everyone from Edan to Ike Turner, Solomon Burke to Rod Stewart. Our hope is that you found this series of two-and-a-half dozen essays edifying, enough at least to check out some of the albums in question. Above, we've compiled a 30-track playlist featuring every song spotlighted over the course of July. And here is the master list:

Day 5: Felt (1971)
Day 30: Vanity 6 (1982)*

Most of these albums are to available to listen to for free on Spotify--those that are not, you will see I have placed an asterisk by. 

If you were reading, thanks for reading. If not, all the pertinent links are above. Don't forget to hit us on Twitter, etc., as a wise man once said. And we certainly aren't done here yet. More news to come in the next few days, of "bookly" proportions.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm due to re-enter the world of Bill Wyman's dreams:

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