Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Valentine's Day Playlist?

I'll get to some more Glee-bashing tomorrow (Sandinista! will eventually get its treatment as well-- we have plenty of time). For now, I have a question to pose. On Valentine's Day, I plan to post a special Valentine's Rockaliser mix CD, and I need your help. Which of these themes sounds the most conducive to good music-pickin'?

1. The Ambivalent playlist: Either songs about how people don't feel strongly about love, or songs about how love turns you into a cowering, insipid cipher of a man/woman.

2. The Classic Valentine's playlist: Love songs are the cancer of popular music--they limit the functionality of other types of songs, multiplying and metastasizing to the point where you either buy into the madness unreservedly or resolve how actually meaningless and miserable life can be. Nevertheless, putting this together would take like two seconds.

3. The Anti-Valentine's playlist: Probably my least favorite type of playlist, as I don't want to be playing "Love Stinks" or an equally obvious number. That would just make me sound bitter and sullen!

4. The Songs About Unrequited Love playlist: Sound Opinions is doing that theme this week, so chances are slim. Still, if I had to choose, I'd probably just throw this song on nine times and call it a day.

5. The Aggro playlist: this would be a nonstop rush of the hardest-rocking songs I can think of, with no letup, no ballads, not even anything slower than, say, 130 BPM. Nothing to do with the holiday whatsoever. This is probably my personal favorite.

6. The "Goodie Bag" playlist: This collection of divergent tunes would probably include the Goodie Mob song "Goodie Bag," which has one of my favorite Cee-Lo verses (peep it starting at 2:03 America! I almost cried when I first heard this verse, it is so good). Don't know what else I would throw on it, but know that I listen to a lot of Souls Of Mischief and the Boys these days. And Dedringer.

Vote below. Or not. If you don't, I'll carry on as if someone cares.

EDITED: Does "Valentine's" normally have an apostrophe?

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