Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rockaliser Radio

The Pazz & Jop poll came out a few days ago, but here's what you've really been waiting for: our first Rockaliser End-Of-Year Radio Rockcast (Feat. Polite Convo, Minor Disagreements & Technical Incompetence). Broadcast from the offices of alternative media collective Radiohive, Aaron Mendelson and I discuss our Top 10 lists, share the love for Grinderman and Big Boi, compare the relative merits of Trill OG vs. Bun B on other people's albums, laugh once more at the stupidity of Kanye's album titles, and throw in a few easy barbs at Eric Clapton for no discernible reason:

You can download the show here. My list in written form is here; Aaron's is here. Bonus: list number-crunching.

Thanks to Juell S. for sharing the Radiohive studio and my esteemed colleague for editing numerous cuing mistakes and long, uncomfortable silences. To our readers: would you like to see more of this in the future? Let us know--we do have the technology.

In case you're wondering, my voice does sound that distorted in real life.


  1. we forgot to mention that "trill o.g." somehow got 5 mics in the source. maybe it's one of those oscar-type things, where they honor your lesser work because they were too stupid to honor your best work while your were making it

  2. That was a fun listen - glad you made the mp3 'cause I was bummed that I missed it before. Hope life is treating you guys well!

    -Karl P.

  3. You should probably expand on the argument that Marnie Stern is the best guitarist right now. The people need to know.

  4. You're right Anonymous, I'm on it.