Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Next month is March, and I've decided to try an experiment in blogging. For the month of March, I hope to make one substantive post per week, not counting Critical Beatdowns. I've long meant to post here more often, and since spontaneous inspiration isn't striking often enough, I've decided to submit myself to creativity's best friend, the iron-clad deadline.

The deadline will be Sunday night at midnight. That gives me 11 days to come up with the first post, which is a long lead-in, but then I hope keep myself busy next month, aside from blogging.

At this point, you are surely asking, with no small degree of selfishness, "Aaron, where do I fit in to this?" To answer your question, I've come up with an acronym: March At Rocaliser Content Help. Get it? I want you to suggest topics, just like real music journalist Maura Johnston answers questions on her tumblr. I've got a couple ideas, but I welcome yours in the comments or, if your the sheepish type, in my inbox (email is I'd gladly do four reader-suggested topics, or even debate you, just don't disappoint me with no suggestions.


  1. 1. me gusta mucho esta idea, pero porque solo para el marzo?
    2. i like biz markie's attempt at an impromptu clean energy "just a friend" but the original will never be trumped.
    3. joanna newsom has a crazylong new album; free streaming of the entire thing at NPR...maybe thats not really rockalisery though

  2. How about a lengthy autobiographical piece detailing episodes in the evolution of Aaron M.'s love for music?

  3. i like geoff's comment. seconded.