Monday, July 27, 2009

I laughed pretty hard reading this story about Lil Wayne's rehearsals for an upcoming tour. It includes these three nuggets:

•"No 'Show Me What You Got,' '' Wayne informed his band, as he looked down at a set list and made instant edits to his program. "I do not know that shit."

•"I don't know a word of this shit," he kept repeating in a sing-songy flow. Then he just started freestyling in the same delivery. "I just wanna fuck you, baby/ I can't believe it."

•The music for "Successful" came on, and Weezy informed everybody, "By the way, I do not know my verse. I do not know my verse."

The more I read it, the more hilarious it becomes. We later find out that "Wayne said he may know the words by show time, and would let everyone know if he did," which is a nice gesture. While the whole ordeal is the kind of thing Chuck D would call "unacceptable for a professional," it's kind of awesome as well. (p.s. how great is it in the P.E. article when Chuck says of Flavor Flav "he's had a good life"?)

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