Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Killer No Filler

Hi. A few words of explanation:

My name is Aaron M. I really enjoy music--in fact, I already have two blogs devoted to it. One was my college radio station's blog, to which I am devoted but must slowly step away from, the other is a nonsense blog full of song titles I made up. I could stand to update both more often.

But I like maintaining them, so I've created this one. The title's a Bonzo Dog Band song, and while it's pretty cool, I mostly like the title because it sounds like a Pavement lyric.

Anyways, I'm not yet sure what form I want this blog to take. Unlike the WMCN blog, and mostly for legal reasons, I don't want to post mp3's. Maybe I will at some point. Unlike Electricity + Lust, I want this blog to make sense. But maybe not always. More than either of those blogs, I imagine it will resemble my journal, which I've used to share my thoughts about music in the past.

But I also want to mimic some of my favorite critics and seriously discuss popular music. So who knows what this blog will end up like. In the spirit of many of my favorite musicians, I'll say, simply: whatever, fuck it, let's do it.

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